Meredith has extensively used Google Maps in her reporting, whether it’s for an individual story or a series. Meredith uses both static maps and Google Fusion to enhance her reporting whenever possible. Find some of her work below.

Intensity Mapping

Meredith has also created intensity maps using available GIS data. This map ranks municipalities in Westchester by domestic violence incident reports. The redder the area, the more reported incidents.

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Westchester Housing Settlement

The Daily Voice published a county-wide series on the Westchester Housing Settlement in July 2012. The landmark case requires Westchester County to provide 750 units of affordable housing in predominantly-white areas. In addition to summarizing the legal battle and municipalities’ efforts to comply with the settlement, Meredith created a map of proposed and existing housing units.

The interactive map details each development, including how far along in the building process it was in July 2012. The map was created using public data on the settlement and Google Fusion.

Revolutionary History

To celebrate Independence Day 2011, Meredith created a map of Revolutionary War historical sites in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow for The Daily Voice. Meredith enlisted the help of the Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Historical Society and curator Sara Mascia to showcase the community’s history, including a few forgotten sites.

Daily Campus Crime Map

Meredith used Google Maps and campus data to pinpoint crime around Southern Methodist University. This is a map of crimes committed on the campus of Southern Methodist University beginning August 2, 2009, and ending September 23, 2009. All data obtained from the SMU Police Department website.