Somehow, I ended up on the DCCC‘s mailing list.

I blame my subscription to Mother Jones. It’s a kick-ass investigative journalism magazine, but let’s face it: the subscriber demographics skew liberal.

Therefore I occasionally get political mail. Sometimes it’s kind of hilarious. That’s the nature of political mail—it’s old fashioned propaganda designed to get you to donate money to a candidate. Much like the fake telephone surveys where political campaigns will ask you “How would you feel if Senator So-and-So was a serial rapist?” The Senator isn’t actually a serial rapist, but the questioning is designed to put that idea into your head.

The cynic in me loves the political scheming. Adores it. Wants to take it behind the elementary school and get it pregnant.

Cut to today’s mail: a letter from “James Carville” via the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I’m not sure if Carville did indeed write this letter. Probably someone on his payroll.

The envelope reads: “It’s Sarah Palin’s Tea Party NOW … DETAILS INSIDE.” There’s also a picture of Palin growling in Mama Grizzly fashion.

This Mama Grizzly knows how to growl.

Some choice tidbits of the letter (will provide full text upon request, if you’re really that interested):

  • “I’ve been in politics for a long time, and here’s what I know about 2010: Sarah Palin’s summer of lies road trip is in full swing.” [Ed. note: Bold is original to letter]
  • “Sarah’s already campaigned for more than a dozen tea party lunatics…”
  • “She’s [Sarah Palin] doing a bang-up job of stirring up the crazy.”
  • “You can stop this radical threat…”

Also included is “Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Primer,” which includes five of her Democratic targets (Photos in the gallery).

The overall message: Crazy Sarah Palin wants to make all of Congress crazy. She’s out to get you sensible and intelligent Democrats! DONATE NOW OR WE ALL SHALL PERISH!

Ok, so perhaps it’s not that histrionic. There’s nothing related to Armageddon.

Although if you ask me, that would make for a much more effective mailer.